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Heviz Church
Heviz Church


Dentist-in-Hungary can offer you dental treatment at a trusted dentist in the beautiful Lake Balaton region of Hungary at a fraction of the price you would pay in the UK.

Travelling to Hungary for dental work is not a new idea, the Germans and Austrians have been doing so for years! Now, with the low cost flights from RyanAir to West Balaton - the same opportunity exists for UK residents.

To be reassured, Hungary is within the European Union, English is widely spoken and the dental equipment, techniques and service provided are generally excellent.

You will find many web sites offering dental services in Hungary. Dentist-in-Hungary differentiates itself by introducing clients to a personally tested and trusted dentist, access to a home from home luxury flat, travel options and local orientation/tourist related information. We encourage clients to take partners and enjoy the trip.

Flights to Balaton are very reasonable and take 2 hours (from Stansted). The dentists are located in Héviz which is a short 15 minute trip from the airport, close to the outdoor thermal lake and mountains.

Dentist-in-Hungary can also provide information and, in some cases, introductions to other locally based organisations providing a range of health related services.

The service Dentist-in-Hungary provides is as follows

  1. Providing written information about the local dentists
  2. Explaining in overview the services provided by the dentists
  3. Helping the client to establish direct contact with the dentist
  4. Helping the client with the organisation of the trip to Hungary
  5. Providing rental of the Flat (or hotel if preferred)
  6. Providing written orientation information on Héviz and the Lake Balaton region
  7. Making your stay in Héviz an enjoyable holiday
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