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The Flavius Dental KFT Clinic

The Flavius clinic offers a very personalised service and they are happy to speak with you before you visit Hungary, discuss your requirements and give detailed budgetary pricing. A full range of dental services are provided and the primary dentist, Dr Adam Szoke speaks excellent English. Adam was trained in Germany and is committed to providing excellent service to his English patients.

The Flavius clinic is well known for providing a wide range of dental implant solutions.

In addition to the traditional 2 piece implants (from BPI - website: ) which require a typical healing time of between 3 and 6 months, The Flavius clinic also offers single-piece implants, these compression-screws, the ALLFIT KOS-implants ( are comparable with KSI Bauer implants. The process uses a minimally invasive surgical procedure and can be completed and loaded in most cases immediately in one visit (typically 2 weeks).

Both of these systems can be used for all kind of dental treatment like crowns, bridges, bars and for complete tooth replacement.

The third used system at the Flavius clinic is the Sendax MDI Mini implant system ( This system is especially popular with older people because they are less invasive, need less bone quantity and the recovery time is faster. This technique is ideal for securing the complete lower and upper dental prosthesis in just one visit to Hungary, using the latest technology.

Crowns etc. are made either on site within the laboratory or locally through an arrangement with a dental laboratory.

The clinic is very conveniently situated in the centre of the Héviz, close to restaurants and shops.

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The Hodent Dental Clinic and Laboratory

The Hodent is a well established practice (over 10 years - with 3 dentists) near the centre of town in Héviz. Good English is spoken and they are very committed to building their UK client base (many people from the UK have already had work done there). They provide flexibility in their appointments to enable the treatment to be completed (where possible) within the single trip.

Hodent provide a very wide range of dental treatments including the following

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  • Fillings (range of materials)
  • Inlays (gold and ceramic)
  • Removable Dentures
  • Dental Implants
  • Fixed Dentures (bridges and crowns)
  • Cleaning
  • Implants (using Camlog Biotechnologies) -

Their dental laboratory is one of the most modern in Héviz and has the added benefit that the dental clinic and dental laboratory are situated in the same building. This allows for dentures, crowns etc. to be made on the spot very quickly, ensuring that any problems encountered may be fixed very efficiently. The materials used come from well known approved European companies. Most work undertaken generally comes with a guarantee.


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