Holiday and Dentistry at the Same Time
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A Client's Experience

When confronted by a quote from our regular dentist, we decided that there must be an alternative! It seemed like what was available on the National Health Service was very limited and the private treatment incredibly expensive. We did some research and found that Hungary was well known for its standard of dentistry, and we wanted a holiday anyway. We were lucky to find an English speaking dental practice that had good reports from UK visitors.

When we found the flights from RyanAir were very cheap and that Héviz was only 15 minutes from the airport, we thought we would get a comparative quote and have a holiday anyway! We were very impressed by the dentist, quality of service and the Balaton region. On our last visit I had 4 dental crowns done during the week we were there, at a total cost of approx £500 (including consultation, bridging work, X-rays, crown fitting etc). This work would have cost well over £2,000 at our local dentist!

Staying within walking distance of the dentist and beautiful thermal lake at Héviz allowed us to enjoy a holiday and fit the (four) dental appointments around excursions etc. Making several trips to our usual dentist would have been very inconvenient (time off work etc). We were delighted with the dentist, quality of service, results, enjoyed the holiday, saved some money and have had no problems.

The availability of excellent food (freshwater fish from the lake a speciality), quality local wines, cheap beer and the beautiful thermal lake made the trip an enjoyable holiday.

Deborah, Leeds

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