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Why Héviz?

Héviz combines both excellent dentistry and an excellent holiday destination and is very easy to get to. We are sure you will enjoy the town with its thermal lake and the overall cultural experience. I also suspect you will be far more relaxed in Héviz than in a major city like Budapest. In Héviz, everything is within walking distance. You can also take the mini train around the town during the summer months (stops nearby the flat) if you are feeling lazy!

Is English spoken widely?

English is spoken fairly widely (German and Hungarian are the main languages). The reception area of the apartment and the dentist both speak good English. We have had no problems making ourselves understood, restaurant waiters, taxi drivers etc. in general speak some English.

What is there to do in Héviz?

Héviz is a tourist centre and as such provides a wide range of both indoor and outdoor activities (Winter and Summer), for a full listing I would suggest you look at the "links" page.

I am not entirely sure what dental work needs to be done, is this a problem?

This is no problem as the dentist will routinely do a panoramic X-Ray at the first visit and establish the work required and give you a firm (no obligation) quote at that time.

What is the standard of dentistry like?

Héviz is well known for its quality of dentistry and Germans/Austrians have been coming here for years. There are approx 34 dentists in the town.

How can I pay the dentist?

Most forms of payment are normally accepted, including credit cards, cash (Hungarian Forint, Euros or Pounds are OK). There is an ATM machine in the town. Payment should be made upon completion of the work.

Are there any guarantees with the dental work?

Any guarantee should be discussed with the dentist directly as these vary according to the type of treatment undertaken. Any guarantee that is offered will not include any expenses (travel costs, accomodation costs, misc expenses) that might be incurred by the patient. It should be noted that Dentist-in-Hungary is an "introducer" of clients from the UK to the dentists and is in no way responsible for any of the work undertaken. The client will normally be required to sign a disclaimer with the dentist directly (as is common in the UK).

Which dentist should I opt for?

Both the Hodent and Flavius Dental KFT, in the opinion of Dentist-in-Hungary founder Charles Glide, offer a wide range of treatments, provide an excellent level of service and both practices speak good English. They have both been personally tested. Once you have made contact with Dentist-in-Hungary, depending upon your requirements, timescales, and preferences, a choice will be made and the client would normally then choose to engage with one particular dentist prior to departure. Having arrived in Hungary, of course you are welcome to go for exploratory consultations with any dental practice and decide which one you feel most comfortable with.

Should I go abroad for dentistry?

At the end of the day only you can decide upon this!

Hungary is well known for its quality standards and the service levels are generally exemplary. The Germans and Austrians have been travelling to Héviz for dentistry for years!

However, travelling abroad for dental work can mean repeated trips for some types of work (traditional implants etc.) and ultimately each patient should do their own research and make their own judgement. Please also read the Terms and Conditions section when using this website.

If you decide to travel, the only commitment you will have made is your time, airfare and typically the cost of the holiday apartment, Héviz is a lovely place to have a holiday and is only just over 2 hours from London Stansted!

Will I need to hire a car?

As Héviz is so close to the airport and taxis/public transport easily available, car hire should not be necessary unless you want to explore the surrounding area independently. Car hire is however very reasonably priced in Hungary and rental can be arranged at the West Balaton airport.

How far is Budapest?

Budapest is approximately 2.5 hours away. The local tour companies will arrange day trips (by coach), or if you prefer you can take the train from nearby Keszthely travelling up the side of the lake.

What is the Weather like in Héviz at different times of the year?

The Balaton region has very distinct seasons, hot summers and short cold winters (only last a couple of months). We would recommend you check out the local weather prior to departure. Héviz is a tourist resort all year round (January and February are the quietest months when it can go down below 0 °C).

If my flights are cancelled for some reason or I cannot go, do I incur any costs?

If the flights are cancelled for some reason, then the accomodation fee is credited to an alternative period, if the flat happens to be fully booked for the following month then it will be refunded in full.

General Cancellation Policy
30 Days Full refund
30-7 Days 50% refund
Within 7 days No refund

All of the above are subject to a £15 administration charge

Is Héviz suitable for children?

Héviz is very safe and there are lots of things for children to do.

Please look at for family excursions.

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