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  Health Services  

Health Services

Other "Health related" reasons for visiting Héviz


Opticians are generally significantly cheaper than in the UK. If you are thinking of travelling for dental work and wear glasses, why not explore the possibilities. More information provided upon request!

Health Screening

In nearby Keszthely it is possible to have a health screening programme at prices which are a fraction of what you would pay for something similar in the UK. Why not use your time in Hungary to give your body a check up! More information provided upon request.

Beauty treatments

Most of the nearby hotels and salons in Héviz offer all of the beauty treatments you could ever wish for at a fraction of the price you would pay in the UK. While you are in Hungary, you might as well take advantage of Héviz status as a "Well-being Centre". More information provided upon request!

Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology

If you are feeling very adventurous, then we can also put you in touch with centres for cosmetic surgery (breast augmentation, tummy tuck, facelift, liposuction etc) and dermatology (botox, wrinkle filling, laser vein treatments, hair removal etc). More information provided upon request!

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